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Nitrate contamination in groundwater and associated health risk assessment for Indo-Gangetic Plain, India   Open Access

Opening the ‘Black Box’ of Regulation-making for Bottled Water Quality Standards in India   Science, Technology and Society, 0(0). Open Access

From creative destruction to convivial innovation – A post-growth perspective   Technovation Open Access

A framework for a responsible circular economy Journal of Cleaner Production  

The promise of ELSI: coproducing the future of life on earth Science as Culture  

Understanding the EU’s circular economy policies through futures
of circularity Journal of Cleaner Production   Open Access

Towards ecological place management in UK housing associations: organising tomorrow’s places. Journal of Place Management and Development   Open Access

Socio-technical imaginaries of a circular economy in governmental discourse and among science, technology, and innovation actors: A Norwegian case study Technological Forecasting and Social Change   Volume 183, October 2022, 121903 Open Access

Sustainability marketing beyond sustainable development: towards a degrowth agenda.   Journal of Marketing Management Open Access

Exploring citizen participation in smart city development in Mexico City: an institutional logics approach. Organization Studies. Abril 2022   Special Issue (OS-20-0303.R5) Open Access

Easier said than done? Involving citizens in the smart city Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, Abril 2022.   Vol. 0(0) 1–17 Open Access

Mobilising sense of place for degrowth? Lessons from Lancashire’s anti-fracking activism. Ecological Economics, 2021.   Vol.183, 106754. Open Access

The role of emotion discourse and Pathic stigma in the Delegitimization of consumer practices. Journal of Consumer Research, 2021.   Vol. 47(5): 636-653. Open Access

Organizing degrowth: The ontological politics of enacting degrowth in OMS. Organization, 2021.   Vol. 28(3), 358-379 Open Access

Scientists’ warning against the society of waste. Science of The Total Environment, 2021.   In Press: 151359 Open Access

A framework to allocate responsibilities of the global environmental concerns: A case study in Spain involving regions, municipalities, productive sectors, industrial parks, and companies. Ecological Economics, 2021.   Vol. 192 (February 2022): 107258. Open access

Counter-Hegemonic Decision Premises in Commons-Based Peer Production: A Degrowth Case Study. tripleC Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 2021.   Vol.19 (2): 343-370. Open access

Integration of the circular economy paradigm under the just and safe operating space narrative: Twelve operational principles based on circularity, sustainability and resilience. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021.   Vol. 322 (1): 129071. Open access

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Innovation without growth: Frameworks for understanding technological change in a post-growth era. Organization, 2020.   Vol. 89 (8): 4387–4391. Open access

  • 2021
    30th July

    Bringing the Manager Back in Management, Academy of Management Annual Meeting. A Virtual Experience.

    9:00 am
    Location: Panel Symposium on

    Theoretical perspectives on organizations and organizing in a post-growth era.

  • 2021
    5th July

    Frugal Innovation Should Be Convivial, or it won’t be… Towards a post-growth reframing of Innovation

    9:00 am
    Location: The Hague - Online

    Panel SP065 - Critically examining frugal innovation EADI ISS Conference 2021