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Towards ecological place management in UK housing associations: organising tomorrow’s places. Journal of Place Management and Development   Open Access

Socio-technical imaginaries of a circular economy in governmental discourse and among science, technology, and innovation actors: A Norwegian case study Technological Forecasting and Social Change   Volume 183, October 2022, 121903 Open Access

Sustainability marketing beyond sustainable development: towards a degrowth agenda.   Journal of Marketing Management Open Access

Exploring citizen participation in smart city development in Mexico City: an institutional logics approach. Organization Studies. Abril 2022   Special Issue (OS-20-0303.R5) Open Access

Easier said than done? Involving citizens in the smart city Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, Abril 2022.   Vol. 0(0) 1–17 Open Access

Mobilising sense of place for degrowth? Lessons from Lancashire’s anti-fracking activism. Ecological Economics, 2021.   Vol.183, 106754. Open Access

The role of emotion discourse and Pathic stigma in the Delegitimization of consumer practices. Journal of Consumer Research, 2021.   Vol. 47(5): 636-653. Open Access

Organizing degrowth: The ontological politics of enacting degrowth in OMS. Organization, 2021.   Vol. 28(3), 358-379 Open Access

Scientists’ warning against the society of waste. Science of The Total Environment, 2021.   In Press: 151359 Open Access

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Counter-Hegemonic Decision Premises in Commons-Based Peer Production: A Degrowth Case Study. tripleC Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 2021.   Vol.19 (2): 343-370. Open access

Integration of the circular economy paradigm under the just and safe operating space narrative: Twelve operational principles based on circularity, sustainability and resilience. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021.   Vol. 322 (1): 129071. Open access

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Innovation without growth: Frameworks for understanding technological change in a post-growth era. Organization, 2020.   Vol. 89 (8): 4387–4391. Open access

  • 2021
    30th July

    Bringing the Manager Back in Management, Academy of Management Annual Meeting. A Virtual Experience.

    9:00 am
    Location: Panel Symposium on

    Theoretical perspectives on organizations and organizing in a post-growth era.

  • 2021
    5th July

    Frugal Innovation Should Be Convivial, or it won’t be… Towards a post-growth reframing of Innovation

    9:00 am
    Location: The Hague - Online

    Panel SP065 - Critically examining frugal innovation EADI ISS Conference 2021