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Dr Sofia Greaves


I am a Postdoctoral researcher on the PROSPERA project. My research explores how space, language and images influence systems and behaviour. I come to PROSPERA from a multidisciplinary and historic perspective. I hold a PhD from the University of Cambridge, completed in the context of the ‘Impact of the Ancient City’ project (ERC, Horizon 2020). My doctoral thesis showed how modern urban planning of the nineteenth century was enabled by archaeological excavations, and reshaped the image of Greco-Roman antiquity in turn. I have published on public health, water theory, orthogonal planning, and utopia. I adopt a creative and interdisciplinary research philosophy informed by my own artistic practice.

Over the next three years I will investigate the importance of urban planning to realising a post-growth future. Cities are essential to a post-growth future, but urban development frameworks – no matter how ‘green’ or ‘circular’ they are – remain oriented towards economic growth. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing this subject!