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Josephine Becker

Phd Student


She holds a BSc in Environmental Science (University of Dundee, UK) and a MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change (Centre for Alternative and Liverpool John Moores University, UK). Her Master thesis was on the Imaginaries of Degrowth scholars beyond economics, in the pursuit of environmental-just futures. 

Overall, her research has largely been interdisciplinary, with a strong interest in political ecology, feminist and environmental justice and de/post-growth. Critical by nature, her work is hugely influenced by her involvements in socio-political organising and climate activism. It is inspired by and centres the grassroots collectives and frontline communities resisting current systems and building new futures from the ground up. 

Over the next few years with PROSPERA, she will research post-growth organisational networks, focusing on the emergence and survival tactics of post-growth niches.