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Alejandro Fortuny Sicart

Phd Student


Hi, I’m Alejandro. I have done 4 years of undergraduate studies (at the University of Salamanca in Spain) and an MBA (at the IGR-IAE in Rennes in France). I have worked 1 year in Ireland for a car company and 2 years in a network of cooperative organic food shops called Biocoop in France.

I am interested in climate change, social justice and alternative ways of living, consuming, thinking and organising. These interests have motivated me to take part in some ecological and social projects such as being a member of the supply commission of a Food Cooperative, participating in the organisation and promotion of a local currency, participating in actions to denounce climate inaction and excessive street advertising, participating in the organisation of events to promote organic farming and short food supply chains and participating in the distribution of free organic food to support social movements and people struggling during Covid-19.

Over the next few years, I will work on building networks of post-growth organisations. I want this work to help us build inclusive alternatives that are scaled up and not isolated in order to transform society. I will work to understand, on the one hand, how to build alternatives from scratch and, on the other hand, how to help existing organisations shift to a post-growth paradigm.