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Alejandro Fortuny

Phd Student


Alejandro has a bachelor on business administration (at the University of Salamanca in Spain) and an Master on Business Administration (at the IGR-IAE in Rennes in France). He has worked 1 year in a car company and 2 years in a network of cooperative organic food shops called Biocoop in France. He has also participated on the self-management of a Food Coop called “Breizhcoop” in Rennes and is actually participating in the creation of a cooperative of consumers in Cangas, in Galicia.

Over the next few years, he will study networks of post-growth organizations and study self-management as a critical alternative to mainstream management. One of the aims of his work is to keep proving that another economies and ways of organizing that are more democratic are possible and desirable beyond economic growth.

His work aims also to help us build inclusive alternatives that are scaled up and not isolated in order to not only understand but transform society. He will on the one hand, study how to build alternatives from scratch and, on the other hand, how to help existing organisations shift to a post-growth paradigm.