Call for Participation – Workshop on degrowth/post-growth organisation

We would hereby like to invite early- and mid-career scholars working on the topic of organisation in connection to degrowth and post-growth to participate in our workshop from 12th April – 14th April 2023 at the Post-growth Innovation Lab in Pontevedra, Spain. Literature and research on degrowth/post-growth organisation has increased in recent years. However, this […]

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Our researcher Dr Javier Lloveras has received a prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF) with his project R2R4postgrowth

During the next 24 months, Javier Lloveras will carry out his own research project titled “Right to repair for a post-growth society: Controversies, opportunities and challenges -R2R4postgrowth” at the Post growth Innovation Lab, with the supervision of our coordinator Dr Mario Pansera. The project, fully aligned with the interest of our Lab, will study how […]

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Post-Growth Innovation Lab Seminar: Dr Samer Abdelnour will present the seminar “Researching violent contexts: A call for political reflexivity”

Tomorrow, 21st June, Dr Samer Abdelnour, from University of Edimburgh, will be at University of Vigo presenting his latest paper about political reflexivity and decolonial research methods. This seminar is organized by Post-Growth Innovation Lab in collaboration with ECOBAS. To learn more please click here  

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