What's the project

SAVES - Sistema de Asistencia Virtual para o Cooperativismo e a Economía Social

SAVES is a digital platform developed from the University of Vigo, with the support of Rede Eusumo (Xunta de Galicia), which aims to compile the figures of the Cooperative Movement in Galicia.

SAVES aims to show the social and economic information related to Galician cooperative societies presented in such a way that it promotes the dissemination of cooperativism, helps decision-making at the business and administration levels, and contributes to research on this type of organizations.

SAVES comprises two projects:

SAVES Report on Galician agricultural cooperatives: SAVES digital tool for cooperative entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector (nforme SAVES das Cooperativas Agrarias Galegas. Ferramenta dixital de SAVES para o emprendemento cooperativo no sector agrario)

This is a joint action between AGACA (Galician Association of Agri-food Cooperatives) and the SAVES team in the University of Vigo (Uvigo) aimed at boosting cooperativism in the weakest employment sectors, such as youth and women, especially in rural areas. The project includes the preparation of several reports that will analyze the situation of cooperativism in the Galician agri-food sector so that, based on the results obtained, AGACA can implement activities and improvement actions aimed at the management and staff of the cooperatives, and the technical staff of AGACA itself in charge of tutoring new and old projects.

In addition, the SAVES Agro tool will be developed, which will enable cooperative entities in the agri-food sector to compare their information with f other reference groups, formed by cooperatives with similar characteristics to their own, so as to obtain a diagnosis that will enable them to draw conclusions about their structure and operation that will be useful for making business decisions.

Principal Investigators: María José Cabaleiro & Carlos Iglesias

Duration: 01/10/2022 to 31/10/2023

SAVES Entrepreneur: Report for entrepreneurship and self-employment (SAVES Emprende: Informe para o emprendemento e o autoemprego)

The creation of new companies must be supported by business plans based on reliable estimates, comparable with real data extracted from companies that are already in operation. SAVES Entrepreneur aims to contribute to this task through a virtual assistant that offers the SAVES database, which contains real information on Galician cooperatives, to newly created entities and people who are considering creating a cooperative.

The tool will allow users, by entering a series of data about their company, to compare the figures of a series of indicators of their business plan with those of a reference group of cooperatives with similar characteristics (always duly protecting the individual information of the organizations that are part of the reference group).

Principal Investigators: María José Cabaleiro & Carlos Iglesias

Duration: 01/10/2022 to 31/10/2023

These projects are part of the 2022 action program of Rede Eusumo. Rede Eusumo is a collaborative network promoted by the Galician General Secretariat for Employment Support, Self-Employment and Social Economy of the Department of Employment Promotion and Equality, for the promotion of cooperativism and social economy, which is funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.


In the last decade the concept of circular economy has gained prominence in political and corporate discourse around the world. In this paper we have dis- cussed how this idea, in the formulation promoted by European institutions and think tanks is problematic for a number of physical, economic and pol- itical reasons. We claim that the biggest shortcoming of the current CE dis- course is represented by its apolitical framing.

Genovese, A., & Pansera, M.