without growth

We are an interdisciplinary group primarily interested in finding solutions for an ecological transition from an unsustainable and exploitative economy to a responsible and just society.

We are interested in democratizing science, technology and innovation institutions. We do believe that thriving without damaging our planet and its living beings is possible if we abandon the obsession to pursue infinite economic growth.

Innovating without growth means to imagine a future created by science and technology that cares about people, plants and animals but also the socio-technical infrastructures that improve our lives.

Our Research Lines

Politics of Innovation

What is innovation for?
Who’s innovation for?
Who wins and who loses?

Responsible Innovation

How to govern innovation according to normative stances?

Grassroots Movements

How to democratise technical change?

Post-growth & Degrowth

How does innovation look like in a post-growth economy?

Our Research Projects