without growth

The University of Vigo’s Post-Growth Innovation Lab is an international, interdisciplinary group with a common research interest: enabling a sustainable, inclusive, and fair ecological transition away from the exploitative economic model that exists today.


We believe in democratising science, technology, and innovation structures. We also maintain that if mankind abandons its blind pursuit of infinite economic growth, we can all thrive on this planet without damaging each other and all the other species that call it home.


By combining various lines of research, we aim to bring novel, relevant, and multifaceted approaches to some of the most complex threats to our collective future.

Our Lines of Research

Politics of Innovation

What is innovation’s end goal? Who is innovation for? What benefits and costs might innovation bring?

Responsible Innovation

Which guidelines should govern innovation?

Grassroots Movements

How can technological advances be put at the service of the people?

Post-growth & Degrowth

What should innovation look like in a post-growth economy?

Cooperativism and Social Economy

How can cooperativism help to achieve a fairer economy?

Our Research Projects